Thank you to all my readers!


My first year of blogging nearly over. Many thanks to all my active readers and all you lovely followers that I’ve managed to gather along the way from far and wide!! It´s been fun, exciting and encouraging, but also quite time consuming.

There was a bit more excitement in my life than usual over Christmas time when my gingerbread house got a lot of attention in the newspaper, four stories in all! I did win the competition, not that it came as a surprise to anyone after all that coverage (in Finnish, sorry!) More about the gingerbread house in my pevious post.

Soon to come some knitting that I did for Christmas that couldn´t be revealed before the presents were opened, some recipes that my children have asked for, eg. meatballs, and I hope to have some time to continue my tatting too. So please stay tuned 🙂

Happy New Year!

Liisa xxx