Dolls’ house furniture, nukkekodin kalusteita

Gepetto kalusteet

I’m furnishing a country living room ūüėČ and couldn’t resist buying these lovely little dolls’ house chairs when I spotted them in a gift shop. A little family run business makes them from plywood. They are ready cut for you to assemble, which means they’re sold in very handy flat packages. I painted my Gustavian style furniture to go with the room’s soft furnishings.


En voinut vastustaa n√§it√§ hurmaavia pikku kalusteita – nukkekodin puuttuessa ne piti hankkia koristamaan ikkunalautaa ūüôā Pikkuruisia huonekaluja valmistaa kangasalalainen perheyritys. Eri tyylisi√§ kalusteita sek√§ nukkekoteja myyd√§√§n laserleikattuina vanerilevyin√§ joista ne kootaan itse. Min√§ maalasin omat kustavilaiskalusteeni askarteluv√§reill√§ kes√§kodin olohuoneen sisustukseen sopiviksi.

Gepetto osat

The Gepetto website is mostly in Finnish, but if you scroll down on this link you’ll find a little story about the firm in English.

* on yrityksen kotisivu josta löytyy lisää ihanuuksia ja myös jälleenmyyjien ja verkkokaupan yhteystiedot.

Gepetto ikkunalla

The yellow pillows,¬†which I bought last summer to brighten up the white and brown decor, are¬†from the Swedish Linum textiles collection. The little woollen cushion cover with the dark brown stripes was woven by my mother in her art school days. I’m planning to make some more cushions for the room, perhaps something embroidered and felted?


Keltaiset sisustustyynyt ovat Linumin mallistosta. Pieni ruskearaidallinen tyynynpäällinen on paksua villalankaa ja äitini kutoma hänen opiskeluvuosinaan. Lisää sohvatyynyjä on suunnitteilla, ehkä kirjottuina ja huovutettuina?

Gepetto ja tuoli


Whitework tea cosy, valkokirjontapannumyssy vanhan mallin mukaan

pannumyssyThis week-end¬† is Shrove Sunday. The Finnish tradition calls for a brisk day out sledding, skiing, skating or just getting your cheeks red.¬† After that you can enjoy “pulla” the Finnish bun, one specifically filled with loads of whipped cream and either marzipan or jam. We’ll be inaugurating the new tea cosy which I’ve just finished at our Shrove Sunday coffee ūüôā


Laskiaissunnuntain kahvit juodaan tänä viikonloppuna uuden pannumyssyn koristaessa kahvipöytää. Pullaohje löytyy vanhasta korvapuustipostauksesta.

You’ll fin a recipe for pulla in a previous post, just make round buns from the dough instead of rolling it out and filling with the cinnamon.

The tea cosy is an old white work pattern. More about the beginning of this project in this post.


Pannumyssyn alkutaipaleesta on aikaisempi postaus täällä. Sisämyssy on tehty yli jääneestä verhoilusametista ja polyester taftista. Välissä on kappaleet vanhaa lasten huopaa jonka olen pessyt koneessa niin että se huopui vähän jäykemmäksi. Leikkasin sen vähän päällikangasta pienemmäksi ettei se pullota. Huopatäyte on kiinnitetty vuoriin jälkipistoilla.

The cotton velvet underneath is some leftover upholstery fabric and the lining a polyester taffeta. I cut the batting from an old woollen blanket that I have felted for this purpose. The batting has to be a little smaller not to bulge, and to keep it in place I sewed it onto the lining with back stitches.pannumyssytHere’s the newcomer together with the role model. Since I discovered that the antique tea cosy is made with so called Hedebo embroidery I’ve become quite intrigued with it, so more Hedebo to follow ūüôā


Uutta pannumyssy√§ tehdess√§ni tutustuin paremmin my√∂s t√§m√§n vaalenapunaisen antiikkisen pannumyssyn tekotapaan ja nyt olen aivan hurahtanut t√§h√§n Hedebo kirjontaan. Sit√§ siis lis√§√§ seuraavissa postauksissa ūüôā

Serviette monograms, lautasliinojen nimikointia


We’ve been using linen serviettes in my household now for several years. There is the bother of washing and ironing them from time to time but they add a nice touch of luxury to everyday life. This is the second set of monogrammed napkins I’ve made, this time for a young lady’s 30th birthday. The golden colour scheme goes with the thick tablecloth that I gave the young couple for Christmas last year. The tablecloth material is a reversible double sided 100% cotton from Johanna Gullichsen’s collection.


The napkin fabric is a 100% linen and embroidered with DMC Moulin√© cotton, using two threads. The different textures of the initials make quite a nice touch and I especially like the French knots of the J. These are the first ones of a set of eight, each one still a little different (i.e. not perfect!), but with practice…


Sewing a tablecloth, p√∂yt√§liinan ompelua


Tablecloths are easy to sew – when you have the right size fabric! This time the table was so wide that with normal fabric the sides would not have dropped down properly over the edge. Two solutions: sewing one seam along the middle or adding pieces onto the sides, both of which mean buying twice as much material! I usually opt for the latter alternative which I think makes a neater result.

Pöytäliinan jatke_v1

After removing the selvages and cutting the pieces to length I cut off 20 cm from both sides of one length to add onto the one that needs to be wider. I sewed them on with a narrow seam, the selvage sides together, and then zigzagged. Luckily the side table in the room measures just 70 cm wide, and as it’s sometimes used as an extension for the bigger table it made sense to make a narrower tablecloth out of the left over piece to match. This Marimekko linen was 146 cm wide after removing the selvages so I ended up with one tablecloth about 180 cm wide and the other just over a meter.

Viiden sentin mitta_v1

To measure the length of the fabric I counted the length of the table + half a meter for the ends + 10 cm for the folds + about 15 cm shrinkage. It’s usual to make a wider border for the ends than the sides. First mark 5 cm from the edge with sewing pins, turn the first fold to where the pins are and then make the final fold so that the marker pins are on the second fold. Sew near the edge of the first fold.

Pöytäliinan päärme_v1.jpg

With curtains and tablecloths you can make one simple fold for the edge IF the selvage is neat and doesn’t pull. Here I turned the edge twice to make a centimeter wide border but below is another tablecloth with a single fold on the selvage.

Vaalean liinan kulma_v1

This French cotton below has quite a wide selvage so you’d be better off cutting about 2 cm off and turning it twice.

Provence reuna_v1

A while back I bought this blue and white fabric to make some place mats. It’s from Svenskt Tenn in Stockholm, the Swedish equivalent to our Finnish Marimekko. They have beautiful cottons and linens that very much remind me of Liberty prints.

Siniset tabletit_v1.jpg

I had some white calico for the lining and first washed both the materials in a hot cycle to shrink them before sewing. The mats measure about 40 x 30 cm with a 1 cm seam. One meter of material was enough for eight table mats plus one useful unlined napkin – for the bread basket for example.

To make a neat corner for napkins you can make a little stitch diagonally in the inside before folding the edges in.

Twig heart, risusydän


I have plenty of material for twig wreaths after a big birch tree was cut down at Easter from the front of our smoke sauna. Chopping the wood will keep us busy for a few weekends too and all this firewood will¬† warm our hearths on many a cold winter’s night to come ūüôā


Iso koivu kaadettiin savusaunan edestä pääsiäisenä. Nyt on roppakaupalla materiaalia risukransseja varten ja puutöitä riittää seuraavaksi pariksi viikonlopuksi. Sydänkranssi oli helppo taivuttaa pitemmistä riippakoivun oksista. Ensin vaan sidoin ne kiinni noin 30 cm tyvestä, jaoin ne kahdelle puolelle ja kiinnitin alhaalta uudestaan. Liiat pitkät oksat voi pujotella kranssin sekaan.


Halonhakkuu on loistavaa hyötyliikuntaa!

Pöllit pinossa_v1

Good exercise and a useful way to let off any extra steam ūüôā

Souvenirs from France, tuliaisia Ranskasta


An overwhealming fragrance of lavender fills the room when I open my suitcase after our yearly trip to France. Throughout the year I’m reminded of our summer holidays as the lavender continues to perfume our home in small bouquets around the house and specially made lavender pouches between the linen and in wardrobes.

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Crocheted linen, isompia ja pienempi√§ virkattuja liinavaatteita

P√§iv√§peittoThis bedspread was a big but fun project to do. It’s a traditional pattern, the original of which was crocheted over a hundred years ago in western Finland. Mine is made with quite a thick cotton thread, has 72 squares and a matching border running at the foot end and sides.

T√§m√§ on suurit√∂isimpi√§ tekemi√§ni virkkuut√∂it√§. P√§iv√§peitteen malli on Mary Oljen ‘Kauneimmat k√§sity√∂t’ -kirjasta. T√§llaisen peiton olivat kansakoulun tyt√∂t virkanneet opettajalleen lahjaksi 1900-luvun alussa Nakkilassa. Continue reading